Fetal and Maternal Health: Pregnancy Questions and Answers

There is nothing we desire for ourselves and for our baby but a healthy pregnancy and a healthy fetus. We will do almost anything for them. Therefore, it is always a good idea to become familiar with the right information so that we understand what really constitutes a healthy lifestyle. This helps us clarify the things that are supposed to be done and prevent those that are just purely myths. We need specific instructions and answers to all the questions in our mind. Questions such as if we need extra rest, what types of specific exercises should be started, and which ones can be continued; as well as if all the changes we are going through are normal are all questions we are asking. Enjoy yourself as you read this article about pregnancy questions and answers.

The focus of pregnancy questions and answers will be mainly on self-care needs since it is the most important thing during pregnancy.

1. Are tub baths a total no-no during pregnancy?
Tub baths and showers are highly recommended daily. This is because pregnancy increases sweat production due to your own waste excretion and vaginal discharge. However, as your pregnancy advances, you may have difficulty maintaining your balance in a tub. It may be better as your stomach enlarges that you try to stick with showers or sponge baths.

2. What is a good resting or sleeping position?
The best sleeping position is the “modified Sims’ position” (side lying) with your top leg positioned forward. The weight of the fetus is on the mattress and not on you which allows for good circulation in your lower legs.

3. Is it normal for my breasts to secrete fluid?
The fluid is called colostrum which begins during the 16th week. To remove it simply wash your breast with tap water (no soap which causes drying) to remove it. This will also prevent risk of infection. Always maintain dryness and if the leaking is profuse, place gauze squares inside your bra.

4. Is jogging okay?
Jogging is still under question due to the strain the extra weight of pregnancy put on your knees. Plus, pelvic pain from a relaxed symphysis pubis can be a result during late pregnancy. Go for walking instead which is still considered the best exercise. A daily walk is encouraged.

5. What types of clothing modifications are needed?
Avoid any garment that could impede circulation to your lower legs such as garters, above the knee stockings and firm girdles with panty legs. Also, wear flat heeled shoes to minimize backache and pelvic tilt.

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