Is White Discharge Normal During Pregnancy?

A woman always reports white discharged during pregnancy and want to know is white discharge normal during pregnancy? It is normal and is otherwise referred to as vaginal discharge. It is light and milky in color and does not have pungent smell. If you are in doubt about the smell and appearance of the discharge, you may want to look for the advice of your health care service provider. Most of the time, it will be a conformation of your suspicions-that there is nothing wrong with the white discharge and you are good to go. However, when it has some other color, it could be anything from sexually transmitted infections to candidiasis-a yeast infection. The latter can be treated with ease. Both of these diseases can be treated when they are presented for treatment early enough. Do not wait until you feel itching and pain before going to the doctor as this could endanger the life of your baby, especially if it is the STD syphilis. The effects of this disease include your child being born blind. Early detection mean early treatment for women suffering from years infection or sexually transmitted diseases. After that you can have a normal pregnancy without any itches.

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