Is It Normal to Have White Discharge During Pregnancy

There are many reasons why you may have some white discharge during pregnancy. It’s not an abnormal thing to experience it when you are not pregnant either. Actually, you begin to experience this just a short time before going through puberty. And you’ll probably continue to have it occur even a couple of years after going through menopause. This cervical mucus is a totally normal function of a woman’s reproductive system. And actually upon becoming pregnant a sort of plug forms made out of this mucus. It is what helps keep all the fluid in the uterus surrounding the baby. It will come out shortly before the baby is born. When the mucus comes out then, it is referred to as a woman’s water breaking.

It is not uncommon to have white discharge during pregnancy. It may have a slightly different appearance than what you are used to seeing when you are not in this condition. But this is simply due to the higher levels of the hormone estrogen and the increase of circulation in the area of the vagina.

You will probably continue to have the presence of cervical mucus throughout the time you are expecting your child. But once you reach the third trimester, it will probably change in appearance once again. It can have small traces of blood in it which makes it look pink. This is because the mucus plug is coming loose and some of the older blood stored in the uterus is also being discarded by the body. This is just the body’s signal that it is getting ready for childbirth. Usually, a couple days before you actually go into full blown labor you may experience a watery substance that you think was water, like you accidentally urinated on yourself. This is a little bit of the amniotic fluid leaking out.

So when should you call your physician? Normally white discharge during pregnancy is nothing to worry about. But there are times when it is necessary to contact your health care provider. If the cervical mucus has a very foul smell or looks more like the same consistency at cottage cheese you should contact your physician because this is not normal. If it is yellow or creamy you may have an infection and should contact the doctor for proper treatment.

It is very common to get a yeast infection when you are expecting your child. For this reason, always watch out for signs that this is occurring. Usually, symptoms include itching, irritation and burning in the vaginal area. If the cervical mucus is greenish – yellow, or gray, it usually signals the presence of a sexually transmitted disease. If this occurs it is imperative for you to contact your primary caregiver immediately.
Also, any type of very thin, watery type cervical mucus before you are 37 weeks along is not normal. If the amniotic fluid is leaking this early then the baby is in danger. And if you have a sudden gush of water several weeks before you are actually due, you should call the doctor immediately.

In general, white discharge during pregnancy is a normal occurrence, but you have to watch for signs of other troubles. If you have any questions or concerns it is always best to discuss it with your physician.

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