Folic Acid and Pregnancy: B-vitamin for Your Bump’s Protection

Watching your bump from the outside environment is quite easy. But watching it from the inside is a different story and it is certainly not that easy. You need something that can protect it inside and out and this is done by the foods that you consume. What you need is Folic Acid; a B-Vitamin for your Bump’s protection, thus this article is all about folic acid and pregnancy. The 3 Bs (vitamins) can provide bump protection and help prevent birth defects.


Folic Acid is a B vitamin that aids the body in getting or the making energy from the foods you ingest. It assists the body in generating new cells and facilitates the forming of red blood cells. So folic acid and pregnancy go hand in hand because of its importance during this period of rapid cell division and development. Here is the list of the foods that contain folic acid.

• Green leafy vegetables
• Citrus fruits
• Beans, breads, cereals, rice, pastas

Bump’s Protection and Birth Defect Prevention

Having this extra bump means extra attention as well as extra blood necessary for your body during pregnancy. This is the time when Folic Acid is in high demand with a minimum requirement of 400mcg or 4mg a day for the normal growth and development of fetus’ neural tube. Thus, it is very well known for helping to develop the neural tube that later will form into the brain and spinal cord. Without it, the neural tube might not accomplish its complete closure that may result to spina bifida or anencephaly. In the first trimester it is much needed because the neural tube begins to develop 3 weeks after conception. Hence, some recommend at least 600 mcg folic acid once you know you are pregnant. Below are some evidences, reports and studies about folic acid and pregnancy.

• According to CDC, about 70% of neural tube defects can be reduced with folic acid.
• Child bearers having a healthy diet which includes folic acid and multivitamins lowers their risk of bearing a child with a cleft palette.
• Folic acid taken in the second trimester reduces the risk of developing pregnancy-induced hypertension.
• A year of folic acid intake before pregnancy has a 50% or more chance of preventing premature birth.
• Other protections offered by taking folic acid: miscarriage, low birth weight, poor fetus growth

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