Depression and Pregnancy

Being a mother is the essence of being a woman. We are the only species on earth wherein pregnancy is something we can be proud of. Even the prominent belly is something that is a point of pride for the woman. But sometimes we do come to a point of confusion between pride and shame because of seeing others who are suffering depression during pregnancy. We then, ask ourselves how could this be possible – depression during pregnancy?

• Heredity – It is genetic so even if you have not experienced any major depression yet, you are a candidate for it.

• Complicated Relationship – Whatever the source of the pregnancy, you need to settle your relationship. Go for counseling and never assume that the baby can be a hero who saves the day and your relationship.

• Pregnancy status – Having a history of miscarriage, high-risk pregnancy or previous fertility problems can be a triggering factor giving you the fear of the unknown.

Depression at times can be mistakenly viewed as a normal change during pregnancy because of frequent mood swings or sudden emotional changes. But how can we exactly know if we are suffering depression; what are the early symptoms of depression?

• Not able to think clearly

• Numbness to fun and enjoyable events or feelings of emptiness, blue most of the day

• Altered sleep pattern

• Either craving for more food or nothing at all

• Unsuitable feelings of powerlessness, hopelessness or intense disturbance and anxiety

We can experience these symptoms of early pregnancy in our normal daily lives but we should take note of depression during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a very sensitive situation for most women, and even simple feelings of sadness can easily go to the next level of depression. So, how can we actually prevent this?

• Don’t take things too seriously – The feeling of a soon-to-be-mother is sometimes the reason why some will want to do many chores to prepare for the coming of the baby. If you think that you have to get it all done, do not worry about it. Just take it easy!

• Spend time with your partner – Lessen the times of being alone, you might end up thinking of things that you are troubling. Spend your time with other people as much as you can.

• Say it out loud – Hidden fears, guilt, anger and etc. if accumulated within us can just suddenly burst into depression. Don’t hold it in – let it out!

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