Alcohol and Pregnancy

We always heard “moderate drinking” mostly rather than quitting it since alcohol in minimal amounts has also its own way of helping our body. However, in the case of alcohol and pregnancy, the two are heterogeneous and just simply cannot be mixed and until now, no one still can tell as to the amount that is safe or too much for the baby. So might as well, pregnant women at least abstain from drinking alcohol completely. It is better to play safe than see the hard results in the end.

Here are some information from CDC (Center for Disease Control) about alcohol and pregnancy:

• No exact amount is known to be harmless and safe when drank during pregnancy.
• Any drink that has alcohol even the littlest percentage can damage the fetus.
• One drink of beer is the same as a 12 oz of beer, a 5 oz glass of wine and a 1 oz shot of liquor.
• There is no secure or safe point for both alcohol and pregnancy.
• Any time alcohol is harmful for the fetus in any way during pregnancy.
• Women should be cautious in drinking alcohol especially those who are planning to have a baby because she can’t tell whether she is pregnant or not during her first weeks of pregnancy.
• In the case of those who are already pregnant but is unaware of it and has drank alcohol is advised to discontinue immediately due to the fact that almost half of all pregnancies in the United States are unintentional or unplanned.
• A doctor’s visit is always important for women of childbearing age to know ways in preventing alcohol-exposed pregnancy.
• Women of childbearing age are the most vulnerable group who needs the help of Health professionals regarding alcohol and pregnancy, its risks if taken during pregnancy and the importance of abstinence the moment they are pregnant or still trying to be one.
• The most important point pregnant women should remember is that when a they drink alcohol, so does their unborn baby.

Alcohol and Pregnancy: the many risks

In addition, alcohol is considered as a teratogen which truly damages the fetus at all stages of pregnancy. The placenta, on the other hand is where the exchange of nutrients of the mother and fetus happens. Unfortunately, having no barrier at all allows alcohol to enter causing damage to the different organs structurally, organically and physically.

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