37 Weeks Pregnant

At 37 weeks pregnant the baby weighs about 2.8 kg its body length is about 50 centimeters. This is really the most crucial step for the baby’s development as it gains about an ounce each day. The head diameter is about 9 cm now and it will keep growing until you deliver. With such a rapid rate of growth, it is absolutely mandatory for you to do Kegel very religiously at this time. This will help you tone the pelvic floor muscles and thereby make a speedier delivery of child.

When you are 37 weeks pregnant it is the time that you will feel your baby or possibly even see his movements. This means you can very well observe a hand, an elbow or a foot of the squirming child sticking out from your belly. The child will also develop its cycle of daily activities at this stage and the wall of the uterus wall becomes thinner.

At this point, when you’re 37 weeks pregnant, the child has probably moved into an ideal location for labor. He moves his head down towards your vagina, where it will eventually come out. At this stage the child is typically rear-facing position, which is considered the best position for delivery. But there are some cases where the baby is breeched by the placenta, and it moves into the uterus facing forward. This position is medically coined as the “Sunny Side Up” position and is dangerous in these types of deliveries. The doctors will have no choice but to give birth by caesarean section. Although some experienced doctors even try to manually turn the baby in a position very high success rate of this process is very minimal.

What should a pregnant mother do at 37 weeks? Despite your pregnancy being considered full term, you could go for another 5 weeks or more before you see your baby. It could happen at any time. But your anxiety levels are generally at a record high level for each day that passes. This is because of the arousal of your curiosity and your building frustration. Each time you feel a Braxton Hicks contraction you think, “Am I in labor?”

This is when you might not be able to focus on something other than your baby. You may have your baby at any time and you will begin to visit your doctor every week. You start to analyze every little twinge now that you are 37 weeks pregnant. And this is exactly the time that you might experience a sudden rupture in water which is the amniotic fluid being released from the uterus. If this happens, rush to the doctor and get medical care so you can receive your little angel.

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