23 Weeks Pregnant

Having any strange and wonderful dreams? You are now 23 weeks pregnant. Having some pretty amazing and vivid dreams is common in the second quarter of pregnancy. It is like finding yourself dreaming of being in situations that resemble your everyday life. The baby can even be in the dreams but not look like exactly what you are expecting. Try not to take any of these as a sign or warning of things to come. Dreams are simply one way for us to sort out the excessive brain activity we are exposed to in our waking hours. And in some sense, they are just the waste products of our subconscious and a way for us to make more room in our brains for the new information that will come in the days ahead.

At 23 weeks of pregnancy the length of your baby is from crown to rump is approximately 8 inches. Your baby now weighs just over one pound or 500 grams and measures about approximately 11.4 inches or 29 centimetres from head to heel. The baby’s hearing is well established and it can hear a distorted version of your voice, the beating of your heart and your stomach when it growls. Noises are often heard in uterus. In addition to the progress of your baby’s hearing, her lungs are developing in preparation for breathing. The baby can swallow, but usually the baby won’t pass her first stool, called the meconium, until after birth. The mother’s uterus is about 1.5 inches above her navel. Her total weight gain should be about 15 pounds to date. She may notice some Braxton-Hicks contractions at this time. A Braxton Hicks contraction is defined as an intermittent, painless contraction that may occur every 10 to 20 minutes after the first trimester of pregnancy. Sometimes these contractions are also called pre-labor contractions or Hicks sign. It is important to note that this type of contraction is not regular and should not be painful. Braxton Hicks contraction prepares your body for upcoming labor and will get stronger as your pregnancy progresses. The mother may be able to feel the contractions if she puts her hand on her belly and her baby can probably feel the uterus gripping and massaging her. It will not harm the baby, so there is no need to worry.

There are still some physical changes occurring to the developing baby. Even though you are tired at 23 weeks pregnant, try to remember to do stretching exercises before getting in the bed. Don’t miss any monthly ante-natal check up. And mark these on your calendar or diary as an event that you should not miss. Many clinics or hospitals will have a series of appointments at a time, so you should be careful to plan ahead.

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