2 Weeks Pregnant

The most common way of knowing that you are 2 weeks pregnant is by a missed period that you should miss for the next nine months. However, it may be a little hard for some people to know exactly when they are 2 weeks pregnant because they do not know exactly when their period occurs. This is especially true for those women who have an irregular period. Assuming that ovulation takes place every twenty eight days it begins on day one of your period. This is when the egg is released from the ovary but dies along the way because it was not fertilized. This is why you have your period.

After this period, another egg will be prepared again for fertilization through ovulation over the next seven days. The egg will be released and move to the uterus again and if it meets a sperm at this time fertilization will take place. Assuming that the egg is fertilized at this time, the fertilized egg will move and implant itself in the uterus. This happens at around day twenty four counting from the beginning of your period.

The fertilized egg will now grow in the uterus for the next nine months. To know whether you are 2 weeks pregnant, you will count two weeks which will be fourteen to fifteen days after fertilization, or conception. You may not rely completely on these signs to determine whether you are pregnant or not, hence you should visit a doctor to get proper results.

At 2 weeks pregnant, one of the changes you will go through is morning sickness which is very common in early pregnancy. This is a feeling of nausea that happens in the morning, however, in some women it can go on the whole day. The food you are used to eating is going to have a very different taste and at the same time you will develop cravings for certain foods. When you satisfy these cravings, you are likely going to gain a lot of weight which explains the weight gain during early stages of pregnancy.

At 2 weeks pregnant you will also experience cramping and aches in your body and muscle cramps in the calves of your leg. This is caused by having low calcium in your body. These symptoms are not easy to detect and if you are not sure you are pregnant, you could mistake them for something else. For instance a missed period can be caused by stress or an imbalance of hormones. You will need to be very keen order to notice them.

Fatigue is also another sign of a 2 week pregnancy. This can last for the first three months of the pregnancy. The uterus is beginning to grow and fluids increase so as to create a suitable and comfortable environment for the baby to grow. This will also cause pressure to be applied on the bladder so that you will frequently need to visit the bath room. When you suspect that you are 2 weeks pregnant, confirm it by visiting a clinic so you will know how to take care of yourself.

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