12 Weeks Pregnant

Most new mothers who are 12 weeks pregnant are really worried and unsure about what to expect during pregnancy. Adolescents who are faced with an unwanted pregnancy are particularly perplexed and have no idea what to expect on their long journey to motherhood. However, the anxiety is not limited to teenage pregnancy alone.

Most young adults who are pregnant for the first time experience some anxiety too. Adults have at least collected some information about pregnancy from friends, talk shows and the Internet. However, some of this information is not correct and a mother needs to know everything about what is really going on during the last week of her first quarter.

There are a series of exciting events that occur in the last week of the first quarter. At present, the fetus begins to look more human, as we know it. The facial features are visible. Eyes, which previously sat still with no movement at all, begin to move back and forth. Ears, fingernails and feet are currently under development. And the baby’s sex organs begin to take shape, so that you can now tell if the baby is a boy or a girl.

At the end of the first trimester, the fetus weighs about half an ounce and measures about 2.4 inches in length. The child is able to make small movements such as rotations or twists although the mother may not be able to distinguish this time. The nervous system also begins to operate. Other organs such as the intestines start to form and kidneys are now able to run the urine to the bladder.

Soon, the mother experiences many changes in her body. The uterus begins to expand and grow in weight each week. The uterus is raised to life and begins to balloon significantly. The pregnancy begins to become apparent to others. Many women experience mood swings at this time. Morning sickness and nausea are also common among many. Some also experience heartburn while they are 12 weeks pregnant. Doctors can prescribe medications that will help combat the discomfort of heartburn.

Currently, the ballooning belly balloons begin to wear you down. You will not be able to wear jeans and a sexy top for some time. You will need a whole new wardrobe. We recommend that you buy maternity clothes around that can be used for a long time, perhaps even for multiple pregnancies. You also need to buy a pair of shoes or two to facilitate walking to avoid hurting your back. These shoes will also be convenient for those who may develop any swelling of the legs later in the pregnancy.

When you are 12 weeks pregnant nutrition and exercise are vital to the development of a healthy baby. Your diet should include foods rich in vitamins and minerals. This will give your baby a healthy start in life. You also need to do light exercises to strengthen your body and improve circulation in your body and the baby growing in her womb.

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